Skincare products oh skincare products, where to start? They can either be your greatest friend or your biggest faux! We’ve all spent years, not to mention a fortune, on trying to get it right. And that is because, like it or not, skincare products can and WILL help you clear your acne once and for all!

But which ones do I need? Aren’t they all the same? Should I be spending a lot of money on skincare products? All your questions and more will be answered on this website. I am going to steer you on course to clearing up your acne once and for all. I will be telling you exactly what types of product you need and I will be recommending the very best brands which provide the highest quality, most cost-effective and, most importantly of all, which give you the results you have so far been lacking on your acne clearing journey.

I would suggest for most people, but particularly if you have severe acne like I had, then you are going to want to start from scratch, strip it all back and follow what I call my ‘clear and control’ regime. Simplicity and commitment is key at this stage, and the fewer products you use the better. I outline a simple and effective product range for this difficult time and recommend sticking to just this. Do not begin to branch out or change things up at the first signs of success. When you reach the point that you feel your skin has improved enough that you would like to add in another product from my recommendations, I suggest still waiting at least another month. Impatience is not your friend, ever.

Your long term goal is to have a skincare routine that incorporates a wide range of acne fighting actives and ingredients so that your skin is essentially safe-guarded. I like to call this the ‘360 degree’ routine, and it is key to preventing new acne from forming, maintaining your clear complexion once you have achieved it and, in the long term, refining scars and your overall complexion. I prefer a wider range of products to be your end-goal because, lets face it, there is no one product that is capable of giving acne sufferers the clear complexion they desire. If there was then we wouldn’t be here, would we? As tempting as it may be to quickly add in a number of products, it’s very important that you not do this. By introducing them very slowly you are able to judge for yourself the difference a product is making to you. And in the unlikely event that you get an adverse reaction from a product then at least you will be able to easily identify the culprit, and I recommend you return to the ‘clear and control’ routine until things have calmed down.

As an acne skincare addict I have tried pretty much anything and everything, and will continue to do so. Acne products come in many different forms, all of which I am eager to discuss and I will be giving you all my recommendations based on my experiences. Obviously I realise that everybody is different and some things may not work for some people, but my acne genuinely was so severe and I tried pretty much everything to try and fix it, so I have a great deal of faith in the fact that if a product has had a positive effect on me, it simply has to do the same for many others as well.

Cleansers, toners, exfoliators, SPF, moisturisers, spot treatments, masks etc etc etc. Which one’s the best? Who should use it? How should I use it? And when? … I could go on forever! No topic is too big, no ingredient too miniscule. Those who are looking for acne skincare products, you’ve come to the right place!