Product Reviews

Stuart Knows Best

Now here is where the magic will happen (or won’t as the case may sometimes be)! This is where I will be giving in-depth product reviews on the good, the bad and the indifferent of acne skincare products. While my priority will always be towards the former, I feel it is important for me to be completely honest with you. Which is why, from time to time, I will probably leave a scathing review on the ‘not so brilliants’ of this crowded market.

My Promise to You

My two guarantees to you are transparency and honesty. As acne sufferers, we have all been lied to and misled one too many times for our liking, which is why my promise to you is always to give my true opinion about products. These reviews will be 100% genuine and from a person who has actually suffered from severe acne in the past and lost a lot as a result. Now that I am finally pretty much acne clear, I have a new found love of life and, through my experiences, have gained a lot of knowledge on acne skincare products.

Don’t be a Stranger

I want very much to share this skincare knowledge with you through my product reviews. If you have any questions, comments or would like to leave your own product reviews, please don’t hesitate to do so in the comments section below my actual reviews as I would love to read them and will be happy to respond. I am completely confident that, in time, if you follow my advice that you will get both your skin and your mind to the same place that I am at today; clear, calm, controlled and confident!