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Acne Anonymous

“My name is Stuart and I am an acne skincare addict!” This will most definitely be my opening line at Acne Anonymous! It’s true, I am completely obsessed. And that’s because I’ve finally found products that work and that give me the results I have longed for since I was gifted with my first spot. I owe a great deal to these products which have not only cleared my acne but changed my entire outlook on life.

But what about other things that help to clear acne? There must be something other than skincare products that I can use? Well, yes and no. Firstly, without the correct skincare products you’re doomed to failure. The most effective acne clearing regime consists of a variety of different product types and ingredients applied topically to the skin. This is and will always be the basis for clearing acne.

Advice? Thanks, but no Thanks

There are however a number of other factors that must be carefully considered. You’ve been told often enough by other people to not eat certain foods and to eat more of others. You’ve been told to exercise more, take certain supplements and to incorporate certain habits into your daily life. Claims like these carry varying degrees of evidence and truth, and generally this advice comes to you from people who have never had a spot in their life, so it can all seem rather futile. I personally have spent a lot of time following the fruitless advice of spotless people, all to no avail. I no longer do this and don’t recommend you do either. If you want to follow someone’s advice, I advise you follow the advice of a person who has had acne, like me naturally!

Take it from Me

In this section of the website I will be exploring these various claims and recommending which ones are worth trying. These claims will include diet, nutrition and exercise among others. I hope you will find my advice clear and concise, as more often than not there are many grey areas surrounding such topics. I will give you the best advice I can from my personal experiences and things that have provided me with visible results. Now, whilst I understand that everyone is different and these things may or may not end up working for you, I do recommend that you give them a fair chance. As you experiment with them, try not to change anything else in your routine so you can accurately measure the results. And if you see no improvement then there is no harm done. However, I am confident that you will find my advice to be helpful and effective. As always, if you have any questions, comments or would like to leave a review of your own, please feel free to do so in the comments section below my individual posts. I will be happy to read them and respond to them. Hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,