1. Michel

    I was using the same regimen for my face, twice a day, in the morning and at night, it worked wonders for me as it cleared most of my acne. Applying everything takes time but it’s totally worth it. The only downside I saw is face redness from the benzoyl peroxide, do you think there’s any solution for that? thanks

    • admin

      Hey, thanks for the reply! Yes this regime is amazing, it cleared mine too! Regarding your question, redness is a common side effect of using a stronger Benzoyl Peroxide product (like 5% or 10%) which is why I recommend the acne.org product as it’s a 2.5% but mimics the results of the stronger ones. Moisturising is also very important to sooth and calm the skin after applying the Benzoyl Peroxide, and the Murad moisturiser I recommend is perfect for this. Without being moisturised your skin is liable to become red and irritated. But if you take both these steps and still suffer from redness then I would suggest using an SPF 30 or above during the day. Acne products cause the skin to become thinner and the skin cells to shed more often and in turn makes you more susceptible to UVA and UVB damage. This may be what is causing your redness. I will be writing a post soon on the best SPF moisturisers for acne prone skin so look out for that soon for some great recommendations that would suit your skin type!

      Thanks again for your message!


  2. Andrew

    Thanks for sharing this incredible guide on clearing acne. I have really oily skin and I think I will give your recommendations a try. You seem to know a lot about facial products, do you happen to own a facial business? By the way, some of your text is overlapping with the image.

    • admin

      Hi thanks for your comment! No I don’t have my own facial business, my knowledge just comes from years of struggling with acne. I did a lot of research and finally learned how to turn it around, and my website will talk about the products I used to do this so other people struggling are able to do the same.

      These products are for clearing acne but would be great for oily skin too. I will however be writing a post specifically targeted at the best products to help control oily skin so stay tuned for that.

      Thanks for the feedback about the text overlapping. Could you tell me what you are viewing the website on, is it a desktop, laptop or ipad? That will help me address the problem.

  3. Hi Stuart. Thanks for this amazing article. I just want to say that sometime I tend to have acne after going to gym or exposing to sun for long time and I sometime find it quite bothersome. Could you give me advices on how to manage this situation? You mentioned about moisturizers, and can I used it before or after going to gym or sun exposure? Thanks

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your comment and question. Your problem is very common and there is indeed things you can do to help manage your situation. The gym and its equipment is where you pick up a lot of germs, so when you exercise and sweat you tend to rub your face and transfer these germs. Being careful to only touch you face with a clean towel and washing your face afterwards will help minimise this.

      When it comes to the sun, it’s best to have it in moderation. Too much sun exposure can cause the skin to dry out, which has a knock on effect of the skin producing more oil to try and counteract this dryness. It’s this excess oil which is probably causing your skin to breakout more. I will soon be writing a post on the best SPFs for acne prone skin, so keep up to date with the website to get some great recommendations.

      Thanks again for bringing your concerns to my attention. I hope my advice can be of benefit to you and you see some improvement. I intend to write full length posts on these issues in the future.


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