About Stuart

About me

Hi guys! My name is Stuart and I’m from the UK. Up until about three years ago my acne had pretty much lived my life for me. This might sound like a strange thing to say, but many people who have suffered from severe acne will know what I mean by this.

My Acne Story

By the age of 25 (roughly three years ago) I had spent all my teenage and adult life battling acne. I had tried numerous different pills from the doctor, including two bouts of Roaccutane, and had spent a fortune on a frustrating cycle of buying a range of strong acne products, trying them, quickly giving up and buying a new range just to start all over again. Panic would often set in and I’d find myself going to complete extremes like rubbing Vodka or Dettol on my face in a desperate attempt to kill my acne. I had lost any control whatsoever over my skin and this despair eventually caused me to suffer from strong social anxiety and panic attacks. Rather than socialise, I began to spend hours trawling through the internet searching for an answer to my problem. Eventually, my research led me to question my approach to dealing with my acne, and I began to wonder whether the way I was treating my skin was just irritating and encouraging acne even more.

Making a Change

So I decided to start all over again just one last time, but this time I would do things differently, and hopefully right! I chose a small number of good quality products that were aimed at acne prone skin but that were gentle, and I promised myself that no matter what happened, I would stick to them and give them time to work. I cautiously tried out the new products and meticulously recorded the effects they had on my skin. Before long I began to see a gradual improvement from using my new approach and products, and after a few months of dedication and patience I finally began to gain what I had been lacking all along; control.


Three years on and my skin is continually improving. It’s still not perfect (I suffer from some blocked pores, oily skin, acne scarring and I still get occasional blemishes) but i would say it’s 90% better than before. I am now passionate about testing good quality products that are aimed at helping these issues and, because I have gained control over my skin, I am able to clearly tell whether a particular product is having a good effect, bad effect, or simply no effect at all. And it is this passion that has inspired me to create the Best Products for Acne website. With a market full of bad products, I get such a thrill when i discover one of the good ones, and I want to be able to share it with people who are suffering from the same problem that I was. I want to help people suffering from severe acne to first gain control over their skin, and then over time begin to perfect it and deal with other secondary issues.

More importantly however, the second thing I want to achieve with my website is to give confidence back to people where it has been lost, and build it in places it has never been before. Acne is a very debilitating condition, and people who has never suffered from it may never be able to fully understand that. It can scar far deeper than what people are able to see on the outside. Looking at who and where I was three years ago, I can honestly say that I am now a brand new person who is 90% clear of acne but 110% happier and more confident. This is the biggest benefit that clearing my skin has given to me. The confidence and quality of life that I have now is something I could never have dreamed of before.  My anxiety has lifted dramatically and panic attacks have become a thing of the past for me. I am confident enough to go out and socialize now and I don’t have to find an excuse to hide from the camera. Most importantly though, my confidence has grown so much that I have even started a new career teaching English. Standing in front of a class of people has to be one of the greatest tests of a persons’ confidence, and it is something the old me would never have been able to do. Being able to live without constant fear of judgement and ridicule is the absolute greatest feeling ever, and one I hope to be able to help other people achieve. The confidence to go for whatever you want to do, but are currently being held back from doing it because of your acne. I’ve learned a lot about acne and skincare products in the last three years that I want to share with you, and I hope my advice and recommendations can help get you on the right path to the happiest and most successful you. The you with control and confidence. The you that you should be.

And if you have any questions or require any feedback or support, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you as best as I can. Don’t forget to comment on my posts or ask any questions related to the topic, and please check back regularly for updates.

All the best,